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SFTFF 2021 is hosted online at Eventive. You will be able to secure your tickets and view the films directly on the virtual platform. Questions? Email us at sftffproduction@gmail.com

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When The Oracles Leave

Directed by Joss Barton

USA; 13:25 minutes; 2020

An oracle walks along the banks of a rural Missouri river as she examines the holy rites of queer revolution, transsexual rebirth, and the healing power of disco music. 

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To the Farmhouse

Directed by Sarah Hill

USA; 11 minutes; 2021

To the Farmhouse is a reclamation story that navigates the hostile relationship between my ordained mother portrayed as an owl and my transness.

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The Clayton Effect

Directed by Jacob Clayton

USA; 2:31 minutes; 2021

Flush with saucy humor, social commentary, and a semi-autobiographical view on transgender life, step inside the bathroom to experience The Clayton Effect.

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You’ll Be Okay

Directed by Tamir Yardenne

USA; 17:29 minutes; 2021

Gloria’s transition puts her already fragile relationship with her parents to the test when she asks to come home after living on the streets.

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Directed by Jose Alfredo Garcia

USA; 3:03 minutes; 2021

Jim’s other begins to take over.

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High Road No. 6

Directed by Shawna Virago

USA; 3:58 minutes; 2021

‘High Road No. 6’ is a song about escaping the entrapments and negative forces wanting to take you down. It’s visual and cinematic song, and you can shine up your boots and and break out some line-dancing.

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Directed by ND Johnson

USA; 5:04 minutes; 2021

“Sweetness” centers Tara – a Black trans woman – who befriends a young eccentric transfem who sets fire to the life Tara thinks she desires.

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Sorry, Out of Gender

Directed by Fox Fisher

USA; 2:59 minutes; 2020

A non-binary music video featuring all non-binary cast and crew.

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Directed by Alan Amaya

USA; 5:08 minutes; 2021

Kyler O’Neal is in a state of limbo, grieving the relationship and the image of heteronormative bliss. Luka Fisher and Celeste X emerge from a magical dimension to combine forces and bring Kyler back to her power in a feminist resurrection ritual, leading to the rebirth of Kyler.

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