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SFTFF 2020 is hosted online at Eventive. You will be able to secure your tickets and view the films directly on the virtual platform. Questions? Email us at sftffproduction@gmail.com

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62-84, I Didn’t Copy That, HQ

Directed by Timuçin İpekusta

Turkey; 15 minutes

Lives that getting united and getting threatened in a night…a woman who is running away because she was subjected to domestic violence by her husband, a trans person trying to hold on to life by cooking and an illegal immigrant who is at the edge of suicide.

A Real Hail Maria:

Death of a White Goddess

Directed by Erica Nevarez Schachtele

USA; 13 minutes

A brown trans woman is summoned in a dream to a hilltop, where a White Goddess is awaiting her fate – as our new golden dawn may no longer have a place for her racism and transphobia. Through the magic of song, the woman and the goddess battle – but this first effort ends in failure. Given another chance by a passing raven, the woman returns to face the white goddess again.


Peace of Mind

Directed by Caitlyn Saw

USA; 5 minutes

After coming out as a lesbian six years ago, Morgan Hennessy Shea has come out a second time as a trans male this year (2020). How did he get to his truest form of self-realization? Meditation. Through an arbitrary enrollment in a mindful communication class, Morgan experienced a crucial understanding of who he is by coming face to face with the present and the repressed thoughts that have clouded his mind, including getting in trouble in kindergarten for wearing boy underwear, not wanting to go swimming, and dating lesbians but still being jealous of boys.



A Poem to Everyone In My Life Who Misgenders Me (And Thinks It’s No Big Deal)

Directed by Devin Gaine

USA; 2 minutes

A white able-bodied nonbinary person performs an even toned monologue directed to an absent audience, in front of a static background of a vine cement wall.


Gay As In Happy:

A Queer Anti-Tragedy

Directed by Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim

Canada; 3 minutes

An award-winning experimental autoethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.


A Conversation

Directed by Louise SAUTRON

France; 3 minutes

A conversation set between images, sound and text. all to the service of the message. The message being the journey to self-acceptance.



Float Bitch

Directed by Princess Bouton and

Evan James Benally Atwood

USA; 9 minutes

A short film that explores a black transfeminine filmmaker/performer’s relationship to her own self-worth and ego. The film pushes the idea that by centering yourself in your artwork, specifically for those who are typically “othered” in most narratives, one is committing a gorgeous and radical act.

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