SFTFF 2020




SFTFF 2020 is hosted online at Eventive. You will be able to secure your tickets and view the films directly on the virtual platform. Questions? Email us at sftffproduction@gmail.com



Directed by Sydne Horton

USA; 9 minutes

Part Thriller, Coming of Age, and Horror film. A spry and self-consciousness trans boy descends upon Prom with his best friend Lucy. Artie’s nominated for prom king, and is doing his best to hide his excitement. He doesn’t believe his school would vote a transguy for Prom King despite Lucy’s demand that he’s already won. As they get closer to the court announcements, Lucy notices something on the back of Artie’s pants: Blood. Of all the nights, he’s gotten his period on this one. This erupts into a metamorphosis that mirrors the emotional and physical transformation of the transmasculine experience and how it will change one trans guy’s life forever. 

Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen

Directed by Sarah Hill

USA; 13 minutes

Part Queer horror, part queer fantasy, this film presents a non-linear narrative exploring the before, during, and after of a top surgery journey. Disembodying the often alienating process of dealing with doctors and the medical industry while trans the piece sutures together imagery of puppetry, paper dolls, miniatures and video footage from the past decade. 

Content Warning:
Nudity, strong language, and simulated trans surgery


Directed by Romy Pocztaruk

Brazil; 14 minutes

This film is an apocalyptic science fiction short staring Valeria, a Brazilian singer and performer, as a space-age wanderer singing to a new future after a nuclear bomb. This film is a sequence of subtly narrative and radically sensorial scenes, a stream of images/thoughts about existence and violence, the passage of time, death technologies, the power of animal and mineral bodies, and art as a possible trace when humanity ceases to exist after surrendering to its own omnipotence. 

Love You Forever

Directed by Sepand Mashiahof, Sepehr Mashiahof, & Hana Harada

USA; 21 minutes

Stuck within the time loop of ritualistic trauma, this film is an experimental horror film that takes place within the spectral plain of “Trans Girl Ether”, amplifying the palpitations of loss, grief, abandonment, and trauma. This story follows two sisters navigating defeatism and nihilism, conquering their fears of one another to learn the unending power of their bond. 

Content Warning:
Non-sexual nudity and brief violent imagery