SFTFF 2020




SFTFF 2020 is hosted online at Eventive. You will be able to secure your tickets and view the films directly on the virtual platform. Questions? Email us at sftffproduction@gmail.com


Waking Hour

Directed by Nava Mau

USA; 13 minutes

Sofia, a young trans woman, meets Isaac at a party. When he invites her to go home with him, Sofia must talk herself through her options. While Isaac is having exactly the type of night he wanted, Sofia faces conflicting fears and desires. Is it safe to leave with someone she just met? Should she disclose that she’s trans? A sensational kiss solidifies her decision to go with him, and as their chemistry intensifies, so do the stakes for Sofia. After she discloses that she’s trans, the night takes several unexpected turns.

Lady Shot

Directed by Miss Mojo

USA; 6 minutes

So often, the message of being black, trans, and woman is based on how real you are. Realness is not only a ballroom category; it is a way of life that affords safety to many black trans women. Being able to “pass” in society is essentially life or death for many within the community. This short film was made to highlight the reality of realness and the joy and pain that comes with it.

Content Warning:
Graphic needle and blood

Lou: A San Francisco Fantasy

Directed by Mya Byrne

USA; 10 minutes

Loosely based on the experiences of Lou Sullivan, gay trans pioneer, the film is an erotically charged snapshot into mid-70s SF cruising, using new and archival footage. Shot on location in the Castro with a trans cast and crew, this is director/writer Mya Byrne’s first film. Edited by Damon Beirne and shot by Lorin Murphy.

Content Warning:
Flickering lights


Directed by Agustina Comedi

Argentina; 14 minutes

In Córdoba, far away from Argentina’s capital city, the end of a military regime promises a spring that doesn’t last long. “La Delpi” is the only survivor from a group of transgender women and drag queens, who began to die of AIDS in the late 80’s. In a catholic and conservative city, the Kalas Group made their weapons and trenches out of improvised dresses and playbacks. Today the images of a unique and unknown footage are not only a farewell letter, but also a friendship manifesto.


Directed by Hugo Kenzo and Sophia Shek

Hong Kong; 7 minutes

Music. Love. Queerness. Asian identity. The meaning of those terms in the words of non-binary singer-songwriter Vincy.

Catcher in the Rye

Directed by Ryan Cassata

USA; 4 minutes
A transgender man revisits and reclaims his hometown after leaving due to homophobia/transphobia. “A song about falling in love after a traumatic past filled with violent hate crimes and bullying in my conservative hometown. In this music video I go back to my hometown and visit some of the places that hurt me the most.” – Ryan Cassata

I Am Samantha

Directed by T Cooper

USA; 4 minutes

“I Am Samantha,” by singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, was inspired by his friend, Samantha Williams. Director T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper gathered 27 trans actors to tell the story of the universal human journey to find identity, acceptance and love.

Gotta Move

Directed by Churro Nomi

USA; 2 minutes

SF drag queen Churro Nomi is making a run for it! A quarantine lip-sync to Barbra Streisands’ “Gotta Move”

femme de force, pt. 1

Directed by Vision

USA; 15 minutes

Where gender is the performance, patriarchy is the contract. This is an excerpt to illuminate the everyday struggles of Black TransWomen in our communities.