TRANS ETHERIUM – 18+ Transgender Shorts

2016 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Saturday, November 12 @ 9:30pm


Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, SF

Saturday, November 12 at 9:30pm


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Directors: Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill

“Lying on the table, it was a banner telling the invisible legions of my triumph over the police. I was in a cell. I knew that all night long my tube of vaseline would be exposed to the scorn–the contrary of a Perpetual Adoration–of a group of strong, handsome, husky police men. So strong that if the weakest of them barely squeezed his fingers together, there would shoot forth, first with a slight fart, brief and dirty, a ribbon of gum which would continue to emerge in a ridiculous silence. Nevertheless, I was sure that this puny and most humble object would hold its own against them; by its mere presence it would be able to exasperate all the police in the world; it would draw down upon itself contempt, hatred, white and dumb rages.” Jean Genet, “The Thief’s Journal:” 1949
Caught in a system of confinement, surveillance, and restriction, a faggot eludes the state by recalling his lover bathed in Vaseline.



The Bowels of the Universe (With Shining Knees)
Director: Madsen Minax

This short video uses elements of magical realism, flicker film, psychedelia, spoken word performance and soundscape to meditate on the nature of inner/outer space, astral travel, past/future divination, screen culture, and the self determined, gender variant body as technological apparatus. Text is inspired by Monique Wittig’s 1973 novel “The Lesbian Body,” where the author discusses the “grotesque” physical process of invading another’s body as an act of love.



Directors: Aja Pop and Joseph Liatela

A film about metamorphosis, in which the artist embodies a human-like creature enduring a tormented birth, who overcomes bondage from a world not made for them. The artist undergoes multiple forms of rope bondage and a progression of physical transformation–symbolizing both the emotional limitations and safety of remaining closeted. Drawing a parallel to the artist’s experience of deferring medical transition and the pain of becoming other.



I Don’t Know
Director: Penelope Spheeris

Director Penelope Spheeris’s examination of queer and transgender life in the early 1970’s and the friendship of two trans friends.



Parts and the Whole
Director: Ricky Lee

Experimental short about the body, daily doldrums, fantasy and the deep sea.



Golden Golden
Director: Erica Cho

When two broke 20-somethings from San Bernardino visit a Los Angeles fortuneteller, conjoined crystal balls and queer, pop song visions open up new spaces for desiring and becoming — across Asian, Black, and Latinx imaginaries.



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