The 10th Anniversary San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

Thursday, November 3 @ 8pm

Friday November 4 @ 8pm: Program I
Saturday November 5 @ 8pm: Program II

All events at:


CounterPulse (1310 Mission Street at 9th Street, SF) [map]
This venue is wheelchair-accessible.


$12-15 sliding scale

The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (SFTFF) announces its spectacular 10th Anniversary film festival with a stellar collection of transgender short films with enticing tales of defiance, bullying, relationships, sex, humor, enchantment and romance. Get your tickets early: last year’s Festival broke the theater’s all-time audience record!

This year’s Festival features an award-winning mix of international films from countries including Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Scotland, England, South Africa and The Netherlands.

Thursday November 3 (8pm): Performance Extravaganza
The Festival opens with a special Tenth Anniversary Performance Extravaganza! Featuring performances by Annie Danger, D’Lo, Natsha Muse, Storm Miguel Florez, Butch Tap, Kentucky Fried Woman, Shawna Virago, Eli Conley, Geppetta and Andrea Horne – hosted by Fairy Butch!

Friday-Saturday November 4 & 5 (8pm): Film Programs
The Festival continues Friday and Saturday November 4 and 5 with the weekend Film Festival –  two dynamic programs of local, national and international short films and videos by transgender and gender variant artists from around the world.

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Friday November 4: PROGRAM I – Plays Well With Others

Love and Other Red Spot Specials
Lauren Anderson (Australia)
In the universe, on Earth, in Australia, there is a small town. In the small town there are: 9,684 residents, one supermarket, six sets of traffic lights and one shoplifting transperson on an extravagant quest for love.

Katie and Kaden
KS Stevens (USA)
A comedic film about two people who connect after an intimate encounter. Stars Mr. Transman 2010, Kit Yan. CA premiere.

Ring frei
Tom Weller (Germany)
A transman prepares for his first fight as a boxer, but must first fight discrimination in the gym’s warm-up area. CA premiere.

Sandra Alland (Scotland)
An irreverent and playful meditation on the slippery nature of overused words. Your kitchen will never smell the same. US premiere.

So Pomo
Kalil Cohen (USA)
So Pomo is for the PoMoSexual in all of us. A queer, post-modern, surreal romp of a music video, featuring Metahuman.

bath of Dionysus
yozmit and jean sebastien berard (USA)
Western mythological images reinterpreted through an eastern shamanistic point of view displaying abstract aspect of gender, sexuality and identity. A personal dream diary/music video. CA premiere.

Butch Tits
Jen Crothers (Canada)
Butch women discuss the sometimes complicated relationship they have with their breasts.

Changing House
Z.A. Martohardjono (USA)
Rusty and Chelsea are a transgender lesbian couple who devoted 15 years to making their Brooklyn home a communal living space for transgender women in need and transgender civil rights organizers, including Stonewall legend Sylvia Rivera.

Make a Mate
Jennifer Jordan Day (USA)
A lonely woman finds a magical shop where she can craft an ideal mate.

Death of My Daughter
Leon Mostovoy (USA)
This multi-media project represents the burial, or putting to rest, of the gender roles that parents and society impose, and illustrates the metamorphosis of several trans men.

Present Continuous
Bo Luengsuraswat (USA)
This experimental work questions the connotations of the mundane everyday.

Caitlin George Parker (USA)
In this playful romp, Pablo struggles with having a crush on his roommate.

Abby Lambert (Canada)
In an attempt to under her gender identity, a woman allows her experience with another woman to induce the transformation. World premiere.

Loop Planes
Robin Wilby (USA)
13-year-old Nick lives with his dad at an amusement park. But today, with the arrival of his mother and a pink-haired girl named Katie, Nick is in for the ride of his life.

Robinhood Is So Gay
Broch Bender and Oscar McNary (USA)
Based on the 13th century ballad “Robin Hood and the Sodomites,” this film reasserts this heroic icon’s faggotry.

Saturday November 5: PROGRAM II – Unexpected Encounters

Lek And The Water Boy
Lasse Nielsen (Thailand)
This short explores the sexual awakening and fantasies of an adolescent in their mother’s shop.

Jessica MacCormack and Rae Spoon (Canada)
This music video confronts the violence transpeople face in their daily lives and features portraits of gender queers from around the world. Bay Area premiere.

The Lusty Gypsies
Nikki Lee Taylor (USA)
On the stage it’s glitz and glitter, but backstage the gloves come off: the choices and differences between Drag and Transsexual performers are explored. CA premiere.

Living Together Apart
Corrine Bot (Netherlands)
An experimental work exploring identity: a boy and a girl have breakfast, both ignoring each other, both incomplete portraits of a self.

lili longed to feel her insides
Adelaide Windsome and Wren Warner (USA)
A short fairy tale inspired by the life of pioneering trans woman Lili Elbe, who came out in the 1920’s and died of complications after a gender reassignment surgery that would have “enabled her to become a mother.”

Mais ou Menos (More or Less)
Alexander Antunes Siqueira (Brazil)
Teenager Ivo is constantly bullied by Sandro, his high school classmate. Their troubled relationship seems irreconcilable until an unexpected encounter changes everything. CA premiere.

The Panty Man
Camrin Pitts (USA)
The true story of a man’s obsession with female panties and his denial of his sexuality. Stars LA performance artist Dale Madison and Shangela Laquifa Wadley of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bay Area premiere.

Dayzee Dee’s Dazzling Drag Balls
Joe E. Jeffreys (USA)
Rare super 8mm film of pre-Stonewall Brooklyn drag balls plus contemporary interviews with early drag ball organizers. CA premiere.

Help Wanted
Truc Thanh Nguyen (USA)
In the heat of desperate times, HELP WANTED doesn’t apply to a genderqueer Asian looking for employment.

The Girl Bunnies. BIG TREE
Francoise Doherty (Canada)
Mimi and her chainsaw accidentally slice through a really cute bunny’s tree. With the help of a hockey stick, two hockey girls and a rather big deer, Mimi figures out her heart.

Emil Ray and Ronny Almog (Israel)
A queer poem to body, soul and homeland.

Sam Berliner (USA)
An animation of an introspective poem. How does one’s own perception of self differ from how one is seen by the rest of the world?

Transsexual Dominatrix
Shawna Virago (USA)
Folk-punk princess Shawna Virago wails on her six-string and doles out lyrical pleasure-pain in this new leather anthem.

Nadine Hutton (New York City/South Africa)
An experimental documentary exploring queer artistry and how a community of artists navigates creation and identity as “bodies of work.” 

James Dean
Lucy Asten Elliott (UK)
A day out with the family takes an unexpected turn when young Alex is forced to share a secret.

The 2011 SFTFF is supported by Fresh Meat Productions, the Queer Cultural Center, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation. The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival is co-presented by Fresh Meat Productions.