MEZZO – Transgender Shorts

2016 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Saturday, November 12 @ 7pm


Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, SF

Saturday, November 12 at 7pm


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Director: Nicole Opper

25 year old Breanna Sinclaire is an African American opera singer and the first openly transgender woman to graduate from a major conservatory. This short piece traces her earliest memories of self-discovery.



Jimmy Does Dating
Director: Gein Wong

A comedy series about queer and trans dating and Jimmy’s adventures obsessing over crushes, Valentine Day mishaps, and navigating dating cis men.



My Cake
Director: Nuno Roque and Jethro Massey

Combining dance, mime and pop music, “My Cake” is a response to the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The film experiments with the themes of ambition, identity, society’s pressure, gender stereotypes and the obsession to control one’s self-image.



Diane from the Moon
Director: Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via

Shortly after a hurtful breakup, Diane, a transgender pagan priestess, finds refuge in Palm Springs. While engaged with her own inner demons, an enigmatic sociopath starts to stalk her.



Dear Abigail
Director: Mari J. Patterson

Abigail Price is brutally attacked and taken in by a stranger, Evelynn Primm. Once Ev finds out Abby is trans, she rejects her and Abby is then faced with a decision to prevent Ev from the same fate.



Drugs for Unicorns
Director: Jaq Nguyen Victor

One very sick unicorn is desperate for help. Has this magical creature caught the flu, a transphobic virus, or just an advanced case of neoliberal capitalism? Follow their journey to health… for it involves glitter and glee.



Director: Rain Valdez and Natalie Heltzel

In this romantic comedy, a trans woman goes on a blind date with a man who has the same name as her ex – will this a be total deal breaker or not?



Chasing Love
Director: Chris Valente

A young trans man lands on the reefs of yearning and courage while chasing love.



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