Filmmaker Spotlight: Vision


Director of “femme de force, pt. 1”

What inspired you to make “femme de force, pt. 1”? 

What inspired the making of this film was partly the need for women like myself to have a platform to share a more I intimate portrait of our daily struggles and desires Janet Mock continues to encourage young trans women to “find away to write ourselves into history “this quote was primarily the impetus behind the need to make the film secondly to get resources to these women as soon as possible..I encourage all viewers to send to their Venmos.

What were some challenges?

Some of the challenges were one my lack of experience, fear of failing, finding out the deadline was really close, I wasn’t not aware this festival existed before it popped up in my feed 2 weeks prior to the deadline, and lastly the covid restrictions and finding the women who would he willing to share without much of a solid story board to share with them lol..I’m grateful for everyone involved trusting me enough with their stories their equipment time and image.

What do you think of the current state of trans/gnc filmmaking? Could you talk about it in relation to mainstream media and LGBTQ+ media?

What do I think of the current state of trans filmmaking? Im new to this world but from what I can see now from when I was little it appears the entertainment industry finds our storytelling brand worthy and profitable to some degree of course the troupes will continue but from what i know about us..when given the opportunity we are tenacious but we also understand patience is a given when it comes to things worth having.

Do you have any words for to young trans/gnc/queer folks/or anyone else interested in making films?

Firstly, mention it to a bunch a people. Then watch. Observe THE People who are enthusiastic about WHAT YOU ARE INSPIRED TO DO and LET THOSE PEOPLE FEED YOU NOT THE NAYSAYERS. IN FACT, I would STRONGLY encourage you to distance yourself from those people as much as possible — you have enough on your plate.

femme de force, pt. 1

Directed by Vision

USA; 15 minutes

Where gender is the performance, patriarchy is the contract. This is an excerpt to illuminate the everyday struggles of Black TransWomen in our communities.