SFTFF: What is the name of your film?

TWP + KDN: Nakom

SFTFF: What was the inspiration for your film?

TWP + KDN: To tell an unseen but human story about obligation, desire, and the roles we perform to survive.

SFTFF: Describe your film in 3 words.

TWP + KDN: globalization, humanism, #villagelyfe

SFTFF: What is one thing you learned from making your film?

TWP + KDN: Specificity is the best way to speak to the universal.

SFTFF: If your film had to be summed up in one song, what song would it be?

TWP + KDN: Odetta – Another Man Done Gone


Still from “NAKOM”
Directed by TW Pittman & Kelly Daniela Norris
Screening on Sunday, November 13 at 4pm at The Roxie Theater.
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