StormMiguel Florez

Director of “A Murder of Porgs”
PROGRAM 2 – Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 7pm

What was the inspiration for your film? 

A scene from “The Last Jedi.” Plus, Star Wars has sort of taken over my life. My wyfe and co-director of Murder of Porgs, Annalise Ophelian is making a documentary film about girls and women of Star Wars fandom called “Looking For Leia.” I am doing location sound for the film, so we’ve been on the road for the past two years interviewing and shooting. It’s been non-stop Star Wars, so it makes sense that we’d end up doing a super silly spontaneous short inspired by the Star Wars saga. There’s some alliteration for your behind!

What is the future of trans/gendernonconforming filmmaking?

The future of trans/non-binary filmmaking is:

Trans/nb people making more films that aren’t only necessarily about being trans/nb.

All trans/nb characters being played only by trans/nb actors – at least until a vast majority of trans/nb actors are also being cast as non-trans characters.

Way more trans/nb directors, trans/nb casting directors, trans/nb cinematographers and directors of photography, trans editors… you get the picture.

Stories about trans/nb people being heroes, every day people, politicians, sorcerers, moms, dads, siblings – without their transness needing to be a central component to their story.

That’s just the beginning.

What is a highlight or a favorite memory from working on your film?

That it was conceptualized one day and filmed and completed the very next day. It made me question everything else I’m doing related to film. (Lol)

Name 3 of your all-time favorite films.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Away We Go


A Murder of Porgs

Directed by StormMiguel Florez and Annalise Ophelian

PROGRAM 2 – Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 7pm
Roxie Theater


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