SFTFF: What is the name of your film? 

SB: Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure

SFTFF: What was the inspiration for your film? 

SB: I really needed a kick in the pants to get off the couch with the cat and sweatpants and start dating– what better pressure than making a film about it?

SFTFF: Describe your film in 3 words. 

SB: Awkward. Queer. Animation.

SFTFF: What is one thing you learned from making your film?

SB: I am REALLY REALLY good at first dates now!

SFTFF: If your film had to be summed up in one song, what song would it be? 

SB: “Queen of Quiet” by Erin McKeown <– (She’s given me permission to use the song in the trailer for the film– coming soon!!)

Please check out the website here: www.datingsucksmovie.com and ‘Like’ the Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/dating.misadventures.movie

“Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure” will be screened on Friday, November 8 at 8:00pm as part of the “Opening Night Gala: Transgender Shorts”. For more information, visit the 2013 Festival Program.