Filmmaker Spotlight: Jimmy Zhang

Jimmy Zhang

Director of “Trans 128”
PROGRAM 3 Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 7pm

What inspired you to make Trans 128?

I was inspired to make Trans 128 to showcase my sis Frida. We would go out often and I thought it would be fun to work on something together with Frida as the writer. We both agreed that clubs/nightlife spaces for T/Q/NB folks were sanctuary spaces for us. 


What is your ideal future for trans and non-binary representation in media?

That trans/non binary folks have full control of their stories and are not some “prop” or for voyeuristic means. The ideal future would be to see more trans/non-binary directors, actors, producers and stories that connect back to the communitys’ resistance, survival and 3-dimmensions. 


What’s next for you as a filmmaker or as an artist?

I’ve never had formal film training. I learned via a few night school courses at City College (shout out to CCSF). Now I’m currently in a fellowship program where I am receiving training at the La Femis film school in Paris, France and the Filmakademie in Germany. Here I hope to sharpen my tools as a producer and will bring to life a commissioned project for Arte–a public Franco-German broadcaster. 

Trans 128

Directed by
Jimmy Zhang

Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 7pm
Roxie Theater

Frida Ibarra uses her electronic music as a platform to discuss the importance of sanctuaries for queer and trans people of color outside of mainstream gay communities in San Francisco.

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