Afternoon Actions – Transgender Shorts

2016 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Sunday, November 13 @ 2pm


Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, SF

Sunday, November 13 at 2pm


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El Cisne (The Swan)
Director: Daniel Chávez Ontiveros

After a long period of absence, Stefany decides to go back home in Mexico to confront her parents about her gender identity.



The Things We Did and Didn’t Do
Director: Elizabeth Martin
An exploration and an exercise in learning: learning how to be autonomous, learning how to make videos, learning how hormones affect life. Filmed during the filmmaker’s first months on testosterone, this film hopes to document the life of a person who is transmasculine, who is an ex-gay cowboy. This film posits traditional transition narratives are much more subtle than contemporary language and science can convey.



Director: Brit Fryer

What starts as a narrative short film about a boy graduating from college morphs into an autobiographical essay about coming out to yourself.



I Am A Weapon
Director: Sage Yockelson
Part narrative, part documentary, part experimental collage, I Am A Weapon is both a documentation of the feelings of isolation that plague young transgender and nonbinary people and an urgent reminder that we are the ones who keep each other alive. The film uses found footage, original footage, and text as ​a means of communicating with and responding to the past while also thinking ahead to the future.



The Encounter
Director: Diana Elizabeth Castellanos (Gabrielle Esteban)

Diana was born in the Chinese year of the water dog and Gabrielle was born in the year of the metal tiger. Diana is from Colombia and Gabrielle from Ecuador. Two very different people: but together they confront social prejudice, gender violence and their own fears, discovering that to be happy, no road is obvious.



Why We March Preview Trailer
Director: Dina Boyer

This is a preview trailer for a documentary about the history and meaning of San Francisco’s annual Trans March. Archival footage will be mixed with interviews of folks who go to the Trans March. The finished documentary titled “Why We March” will highlight the symbolism, the sounds, the people, the issues and the diversity of the Trans March in San Francisco.



The Women’s Bathroom Project
Director: Zachary Clarence

A conversation is struck up in a restaurant bathroom.



Call and Response
Director: Anand jay kalra

This film is a dialogue between multiple threads in the filmmaker’s life — family and friends, old world and new, brown and white, super straight and super queer. The film presents voices from interviews 5 transgender men alongside a voicemail from a grandmother discovered after she passed away. Positioning the interviews as a reply to the bewilderment of the voicemail, Call and Response challenges trans men to carry old-school integrity through a brave new world.



Ain’t I A Woman
Director: Kebo Drew

This film celebrates the luminous enduring beauty of Black Femmes and Black transgender women.


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