SFTFF 2020




SFTFF 2020 is hosted online at Eventive. You will be able to secure your tickets and view the films directly on the virtual platform. Questions? Email us at sftffproduction@gmail.com


Because They Love Me

Directed by Poll Andrium Landazury Hurtado

Colombia; 9 minutes

Poll knows many stories from friends that have suffered rejection, physical abuse and humiliations coming from their families, for being lesbians, gays or transgender. If families preach love, why do they do that? With these questions, Poll who doesn’t feel female or male and who has expressed their lesbian attitude from a very young age, gathers their numerous family that lives in the neighborhood Siloe (Comuna 20) in Cali, Colombia, to ask them a very simple yet very deep question: Why do you love me? This short film is a tribute from Poll to their family where love thrives over prejudices and stereotypes and is also a call for other families to defeat their fears and choose to love. 

Dance, Dance, Evolution

Directed by Jules Rosskam

USA; 18 minutes

“When I dance, that is my true gender.” In Dance, Dance, Evolution six trans-identified people explore their relationship to dance over time. As one participant says, “What I feel when I’m dancing is the very decomposition of myself.” This short, joyful documentary looks at the ways in which the body in motion opens up the spaces between gender, race, and time, producing pleasure in indeterminacy. This begs the question, how do we take that idealized moment on the dance floor–where nothing matters but the beat–and take it with us everywhere we go?

Content Warning:
Mention of transphobia and racism

Out of the Shadows

Directed by Rafael Samanez

USA; 14 minutes

Joselyn, a Mexican transgender immigrant woman, crosses the Mexico/U.S. border to flee increasingly dangerous conditions in her hometown. She attempts to adjust to her new home in Queens, New York, but finds similar oppressive conditions in the U.S. After the murder of her best friend she falls into deep depression. Joselyn finds a community of transgender women and together they fight to lift themselves out of poverty by attempting to open the first trans owned cooperative salon in the United States. 

Trans March: A Look Back at Transgender History

Directed by Niko Storment

USA; 17 minutes

For Trans March 2020, we created a mini documentary about the roots of Trans March and the modern history that led to its creation. Narrated by Pearl Teese, this work by Niko Storment features interviews from various community advocates as well as B-Roll from historical events pertaining to our Transgender History. Trans March aims to inspire all T/GNC people to realize a world where we are safe, loved, and empowered, and through this film we hope to shine some light on the struggles we have overcome, and the ones we still face, together. 

Content Warning:
Strong language, mentions of violence against transgender people