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Tranny Fest 2008

Posted on November 6, 2008

All events at: Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory 1519 Mission at 11th Street, San Francisco [map]
Thursday November 6 @ 8pm: Tranny Fest Live! (performance event)
Friday November 7 @ 8pm: Gender Apocalypse (short films program)
Saturday November 8 @ 8pm: Pocket Rockets (short films program)
Tickets: $8, at the door
Door For All Events: 7:30pm
Nov. 6 and 7: +18; Nov. 8: +21
Tranny Fest 2008 Co-Presented by Fresh Meat Productions

Tranny Fest LIVE!

Thurs. Nov. 6
Tranny Fest Live! performance event featuring performances by Storm Florez, Shawna Virago, Butch Tap, Twincest, Annie Danger, Carrie Baum and many more!

Tranny Fest Program 1

Gender Apocalypse
Fri. Nov. 7

Drag Queen
Atif Siddiqi
The director says “Drag Queen is a pro transgender rant dance club music video in response to transphobia within the gay community and world at large.”

Michelle’s First Wedding In A Dress
Ann Von Hageman.
Michelle Hoffman is getting married for the first time in a dress. A documentary.

Queerer Than Thou
Ramses Rodstein
A short comedy that explores the strained lines of queer identity and gives us all a chance to laugh at our competitive desires to prove that we are the “queerest.” This is a world premiere.

“Joshua Bastian Cole: an Excerpt from Gender?”
Joie Rey Cohen
The intention of Gender? is to express visually the diversity which exists within the realm of gender identity and expression. Interviews have taken place in North Carolina, Missouri, Washington, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia. This excerpt has been taken from Joshua Bastian Cole’s personal digital journal documenting his transition experience as a queer in the South.

Ice Skate Canada
Mark Peacock and Michael Boyuk
world premiere
The B-Girlz slide into the nasty world of figure skating in this promo for an upcoming skating competition. It’s a slippery trip into the backroom politics and on-ice drama that you don’t want to miss.

Eric Moloney
world premiere
Using Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor and double 8mm animation as “frames,” Replicate is a short, experimental meditation on Western culture’s attitudes towards both sickness and the sick.

Trans-Neptune (or The Fall of Pandora, Drag Queen Cosmonaut
Mathew Long
Drag Queen Cosmonauts: It was the marketing coup of the century, a publicity stunt broadcast live around the globe. But who could have guessed at the calamity that the crew of the Space Vessel Xanadine would unlock at the far edge of the solar system? Viruses, lethal an fast acting. The only cure? Smoking space gas. Lots of it!

Aarin Burch
Music video featuring transgender artist/singer Joshua Klipp. Choreographed by Sara Bush, Sarah Bush Dance Project. Dancers: Sara Bush and Joi Cox from the East Bay Drag Kings Troupe.

Evil Auntie Makes Roast Aphrodesiac Chicken
Leslie Streit
Evil Auntie entices her guests with a delicious chicken rubbed with herbs and spices known to be aphrodisiacs since ancient times.

Interview with the Destructor
Aryn Zev
California premiere.
A collaboration between a trans identified video artist and trans identified pro wrestler, the Interview with the Destructor raises questions about questions, revealing only the elusive nature of identity.

The Outsiders
Julie Saragosa
world premiere.
A super short super8 remake of the Coppola classic! The directed says,” This movie touched my sense of belonging at a time when I felt I had none – teenagehood. Years later, when tomboy-ish has matured into gender-bending queerness, 21 grown ‘girls’ play at ‘boyhood.’ A post-post modern experiment of complicity and resistance.

TrannyFest Program 2

Pocket Rockets
Sat. Nov. 8

“Playing With Gender”
Ashley Altadonna
Young people on a picnic learn about gender, gender roles, and transgendered identities in this re-imagining of a 1950’s educational film. the film shows how gender is constructed and a multitude of gender identities that fall outside the boundaries of simply male or female.

“Make It Happen! Transforming Justice: Ending the Imprisonment & Criminalization of Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming People” (Teaser)
The Transforming Justice Coalition
Why are so many transgender, gender non-conforming and queer folks without housing, jobs or healthcare, and trapped in the revolving door of the prison system? This short film documents Transforming Justice, a groundbreaking coalition that gathered in October 2007 to end the cycles of poverty, criminalization and imprisonment in transgender and gender non-conforming communities.

The Near-Perfect Wedding
Michael V. Smith.
What do you need to make the perfect trans lesbian interfaith Jewish wedding? The Near-Perfect Wedding, a DIY Super8 short, will explain all.

Four minutes and thirty-three seconds
Yves Laris Cohen
world premier
4:33 interrogates systems of knowledge and expertise.

Ali Cotterill
A trans-fabulous Sunday in the park. It’s croquet gone gay, drag-tastic cheerleaders, and synchronized dance, all in an Astroturf wonderland.

Ajae Clearway
A beautifully filmed classic coming of age film set in rural Texas in 1963. The story takes a powerful turn when 14-year old Sean Chase’s struggle to know who he really is explodes the lie that goes to the core of his being, his family, his relationship with his father and his future as a man.

Bicycle Bondage.
This film teaches you ways to be creative with your bicycle.

Couch Surfers: Trans Men in Action (excerpt)
Trannywood Pictures
This film is definitely gay, definitely FTM, definitely hot!

Crashpad series
Shine Louise Houston
Another sexy film from Shine Louise Houston!

Keynote Address
Annie Danger
At this year’s annual NAPAA Conference, Erica L. Brown PhD., Psy.D gave a stirring talk regarding her recent work in the field of transsexual phenomena. This video includes the highlights of her keynote address. Dr. Brown was so very kind as to provide her copy of the videotape for this project.